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Hopefully BOM has been diligent of preserving checklist of these adjustments. You also neglect the marked increase in international mid trop temps. determined from the global radiosonde data and satellite data. Yes, it’s all one MASSIVE “conspiracy”, thank God enlightened pseudo scientists like Watts and Eschenbach have figured all of it out for us. And yes, I am been enormously sarcastic. Oh I doubt his suspicions extend to stations whose data have been adjusted down. The urge to curve such observations right into a perverted argument for God is a plague on humanity. This is as it is flimsy arguments comparable to these that many atheists could be exposed to and rightly reject, many who can be delivered to the truth are lost as a result of after they reject God, they don’t generally confide in the idea back. But hey, you sell some books and ads, so its all good, right?Keep your arguments in your own moderated site and atheistic websites in which it bears little rigor. That’s my advice. You haven’t proven the foundation of RNA viruses, and moreover RNA viruses need the machinery of other cells to encode and decode. To present any type of life as your proof is technically described as “begging the query” – attempting to prove a proposition in keeping with a premise that itself calls for evidence.