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And I wager, at the soul of the issue, if everyone awakened NOW and took motion, tyranny might be crushed but what are the probabilities of that?. The previous couple of days were sad days for me because we got the reply from folks who rule America more so than their trumped up Islamic enemies and Isis, it’s THE AMERICAN PEOPLE that are their declared number 1 terror chance, which means that America’s own government or what’s intended to be the executive is a declared enemy of the people. You can’t label your individual population “terrorist” without being the enemy of the people, and now that the American government has taken that stand, the road is drawn. The line deserve to have been drawn with 911, however the scamming usurpers used their usurped media to spin the general public into hatred in opposition t folks who had nothing to do with it, instead of the synagogues of New York. The line should have been drawn when autism stats went above 1 in 5,000, but because too many individuals nonetheless have faith folks that seek to ruin them, the numbers, via tainted vaccines have hit 1 in 50, with the balance being seriously damaged but not showing full blown autism. And I trust the line need to were drawn when abortion was legalized, when rigged digital elections became the norm, when the closed loop nuclear cycle was banned, when the earnings tax went into place; America has crossed such a lot of lines that it’s not possible to judge where it is anymore, it definitely is not America and America’s usurpers have now change into impatient with retaining on their veil of legitimacy and are losing it now, leaving the monster under bare and bare for all to see.