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I remeber this well, because it was then when Bill Clinton got NAFTA passed that they started making plans to head first to Mexico and then later China ,at the moment the USA made essentially the most TV sets on the earth ,,,,now China does 50,000 employees were laid off within the USA and HIRED IN CHINA , due only to the free alternate of NAFTA and a simular bill for China People say its the wages ,but this is false the plant is all automatic , the one labor is programmers , so its the taxes , that make the move PAY , as for traitors , well they TOLD the executive if taxes were not decreased to the degree of China’s , stockholders were difficult more go back on investment , and the management could want to move to China ,,, the US executive said screw you ,,, so they left for China ,,,,who welcomed the biggest TV plant on earth , with open arms SO ITS THE USA FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WHO IS THE TRAITORS , not the businesses who’re pushed by the demands of stockholdes,,,,,and yes in china they make 40% more money for the stockholders who’re all retired persons from around the earth who all purchased inventory on the NASDAQ exchange , which anybody else can as well , the inventory symbol for this company is PHGSimce they at the moment are in China all of the stockholders are doing excellent , and due to Bill Clinton all product made in China will also be sold within the USA without tariff ,,,,hey thank you Bill and Hillary , you F’ingDrop The Bomb,You are basically combined up on NAFTA. This free trade agreement was spawned, built and diplomatically negotiated by Reagan after which Bush. The first negotiations date back so far as 1986. The last vote didn’t come unless Clinton with 3 former POTUS’s two republican backing approvalThere are a wide variety of jobs that cannot be outsourced. All building jobs. Farming jobs.