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When individuals can align within the ideals, values, and practices, they’ll survive and thrive within that culture and will, in average, help in moving the company towards its imaginative and prescient and goal. People that are not capable of align inside of the beliefs, values, and practices will stall, deter, sabotage, or just miss the company purpose. Another way to claim this is if the imaginative and prescient and goals of the company are not aligned with the beliefs, values, and practices of the americans/culture within a corporation, achievement of satisfying the vision and reaching the goal is limited. People that “relate to one another, to their work, and to the external global” Waisfisz, 2012 in a fashion that matches within the tradition will allow the association to satisfy its goals and objectives; additional, americans who don’t will hinder the fulfillment of the organization. Most analysis has the same opinion, because the culture goes, so does the company, or “culture is as tradition does. ”Project management by definition is ordinarily a robust subculture inside an existing organization’s tradition.